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phD, tutor and internal reviewers XXXIV cycles

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Annalisa Andreani UniFi

Antonio Belcari

Bioecological and morphological studies of Hippoboscid flies of genus Lipoptena, ectoparasites of wild ungulates, with special reference to L. fortisetosa, a new record for Italy

Patrizia Sacchetti
Maria Paola Ponzetta

Alessandro Calamai DGRI

Enrico Palchetti

Enhancement and selection of renewal crops in low impact system in anticipation of future climate change.

Stefano Benedettelli
Anna Dalla Marta

Giulia Daly UniFi

Carlo Viti

Interactions in Tetraselmis suecica/bacteria holobiont

Alessandra Lagomarsino
Paula Tamagnini.

Maria Chiara Fabbri UniFi

Riccardo Bozzi

Genome wide search for signatures of selection in beef cattle breeds

Donatella Paffetti
Oreste Franci

Dalila Pasquini UniFi

Francesco Ferrini

The effects at ecosystem level of recurrent environmental stresses in Mediterranean Climate regions

Filippo Bussotti
Francesco Loreto

Marco Mancini DAGRI

Anna Dalla Marta

Agronomic techniques for precision crop management

Stefano Benedettelli
Alessandro Parenti

Andrea Pacetti Ateneo

Laura Mugnai

Factors involved in the development of grapevine leaf stripe disease symptoms in view of sustainable control protocols.

Romain Pierron

Kendra Baumgarten

 Riccardo Rossi CNR

Marco Bindi

Implementation of a simplified and low-cost phenotyping platform for crop monitoring

Roberto Ferrise
Camilla Dibari

Valentina Zanolla Senza borsa

Mario Tredici

Cultivation of microalgae with artificial light (LEDS) to obtain products of interest in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical field

Liliana Rodolfi
Alessandra Adessi

Cassandra Detti DAGRI Francesco Ferrini

New insights on the diversity of resource-use strategies among coexisting Mediterranean shrubs species and possible utilizations of these plants as biofactories

Federico Selvi

Antonella Gori
last update: 06-July-2020
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