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The International PhD Program in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI) combines expertise from many disciplines in the agro-environmental field aimed at training researchers, enabling them to carry out qualified scientific activities in the field of plant and animal production, considering also aspects of eco-sustainability, climate change and recovery of polluted and degraded areas in order to restore their agricultural cultivation capabilities.

The training quality of the doctorate program is highlightd by the high level of innovation of professors’ and researchers’scientific activities, underscored by the numerous Italian and European projects in which they are involved (Progetti dell'Unione Europea).

The program’s scientific training quality is also guaranteed by its high international connotation, underpinned by the presence of numerous foreign members in the Lecturers Committee, and by the creation of scientific collaborations and co-tutelage agreements with several foreign and European universities, respectively.

Related to didactics, the doctorate program facilities include classrooms for lectures, seminars, tutorials and information technology activities. The doctorate student has free access to the internet and to university library services , as well as a personal e-mail account.

The departmental research facilities include numerous laboratories with basic and innovative equipment available for PhD students to develop qualified researches in the various doctorate subjects. The computer labs are also equipped with specific software for data analysis, simulations, modeling, image analysis and GIS, and offers free access to national and international databases.

Thanks to the existing scientific collaboration agreements between the department and several national and international research institutions their laboratories are also available for doctorate students research activities.

For in-field research activities the University of Florence experimental farm in Montepaldi, Villa Montepaldi, (San Casciano in Val di Pesa) which covers an area of more than 320 ha., is accessible. 

As a result of the numerous national and international research projects, the Department has established collaborations with several international research institutes that are available to host doctorate students for their in-field research and experimental activities.

The doctorate administrative body has an office that is dedicated to foreign doctorate students in order to solve specific problems related to enrollment, accommodation, canteens, means of transport, etc.


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