phD, tutor and internal reviewers XXXIV cycles

bandiera italiana


Doctorate: Annalisa Andreani

email: annalisa.andreani(AT)

Thesis: "Bioecological and morphological studies of Hippoboscid flies of genus Lipoptena, ectoparasites of wild ungulates, with special reference to L. fortisetosa, a new record for Italy"

Scholarship: UniFi

Tutors: Antonio Belcari

Reviewers: Patrizia Sacchetti, Maria Paola Ponzetta


Doctorate: Alessandro Calamai


Thesis: "Enhancement and selection of renewal crops in low impact system in anticipation of future climate change"

Scholarship: DAGRI

Tutors: Enrico Palchetti

Reviewers: Stefano Benedettelli, Anna Dalla Marta


Doctorate: Giulia Daly

email: giulia.daly(AT)

Thesis: "Interactions in Tetraselmis suecica/bacteria holobiont"

Scholarship: UniFi

Tutors: Carlo Viti

Reviewers: Alessandra Lagomarsino, Paula Tamagnini


Doctorate: Maria Chiara Fabbri

email: mariachiara.fabbri(AT)

Thesis: "Genome wide search for signatures of selection in beef cattle breeds"

Scholarship: UniFi

Tutors: Riccardo Bozzi

Reviewers: Donatella Paffetti, Oreste Franci


Doctorate: Dalila Pasquini

email: dalila.pasquinii(AT)

Thesis: "The effects at ecosystem level of recurrent environmental stresses in Mediterranean Climate regions"

Scholarship: UniFi

Tutors: Francesco Ferrini

Reviewers: Filippo Bussotti, Francesco Loreto


Doctorate: Marco Mancini

email: marco.mancini(AT)

Thesis: "Agronomic techniques for precision crop management"

Scholarship: DAGRI

Tutors: Anna Dalla Marta

Reviewers: Stefano Benedettelli, Alessandro Parenti


Doctorate: Andrea Pacetti

email: andrea.pacetti(AT)

Thesis: "Factors involved in the development of grapevine leaf stripe disease symptoms in view of sustainable control protocols"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutors: Laura Mugnai

Reviewers: Romain Pierron, Kendra Baumgarten


Doctorate: Riccardo Rossi

email: riccardo.rossi(AT)

Thesis: "Implementation of a simplified and low-cost phenotyping platform for crop monitoring"

Scholarship: CNR

Tutors: Marco Bindi

Reviewers: Roberto Ferrise, Camilla Dibari


Doctorate: Valentina Zanolla

email: valentina.zanolla(AT)

Thesis: "Cultivation of microalgae with artificial light (LEDS) to obtain products of interest in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical field"

Scholarship: Senza borsa

Tutors: Mario Tredici

Reviewers: Liliana Rodolfi, Alessandra Adessi


Doctorate: Cassandra Detti

email: cassandra.detti(AT)

Thesis: "New insights on the diversity of resource-use strategies among coexisting Mediterranean shrubs species and possible utilizations of these plants as biofactories"

Scholarship: DAGRI

Tutors: Francesco Ferrini

Reviewers: Federico Selvi, Antonella Gori



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