PhD, tutor and internal reviewers XXXV cycles

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Doctorate: Moja Isabela Calegari - email: Iabelacmoia(AT)

Thesis: "Molecular mechanisms involved in exopolymers secretion in biocrust forming cyanobacteria and their response to desiccation stress"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Roberto De Philippis

Reviewers: Roberto Pastorelli, CREA Firenze - Liliana Rodolfi, DAGRI


Doctorate: Lina Pulido Rodriguez - email: linasilevestres(AT)

Thesis: "Lipid carry-over in an experimental insect-based aquaculture supply chain"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Giuliana Parisi

Reviewers: Ike Olivotto Unipvm, Arianna Buccioni


Doctorate: Cristina Gasperini - email: cristina.gasperini(AT) 

Thesis: "Responses of Mediterranean understory vegetation to climate warming: assessing the role of microclimate on forest seed-bank and plant traits across Europe"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Federico Selvi

Reviewers: Filippo Bussotti, Giacomo Certini


Doctorate: Lorenzo Marini - email: lo.marini(AT) 

Thesis: "Aromatic plants of the Tuscan archipelago: chemical characterization and agronomic performance for the conservation stategies and adaptation to climate change"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Piero Bruschi

Reviewers: Bruno Foggi, Dip. Biologia UniFi - Marco Michelozzi, CNR


Doctorate: Andrea Confessore - email: andrea.confessore(AT)

Thesis: "Virtual Fencing for precision management of beef cattle farms (precision liveSTOCK)"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Carolina Pugliese

Reviewers: Camilla Dibari, Riccardo Bozzi


Doctorate: Edoardo Bellini - email: edoardo.bellini(AT)

Thesis: "Study of the impacts of climate change on Alpine pastoral resources in order to identify possible adaptation strategies"

Scholarship: Ateneo

Tutor: Giovanni Argenti

Reviewers: Marco Bindi, Roberto Ferrise


Doctorate: Qudratullah Soofizada - email: quadrat.soofizada(AT) 

Thesis: "Improvement agronomic management of winter wheat, for increasing quality and quantity of yield"

Scholarship: AICS

Tutor: Simone Orlandini

Reviewers: Antonio Raschi, Alessandro Parenti


Doctorate: Andrea Genangeli - email: andrea.genangeli(AT)

Thesis: "Development of techniques and technologies for the recognition ofhe phytosanitary condition of herbaceous and arboreal crops"

Scholarship: CNR

Tutor: Marco Bindi

Reviewers: Camilla Dibari, Roberto Ferrise


Doctorate: Anita Nencioni - email: anita.nencioni(AT) 

Thesis: "Bioecology and ethology of Auchenorryncha potential vectors of Xylella fastidiosa"

Scholarship: senza borsa

Tutor: Patrizia Sacchetti

Reviewers: Elisabetta Gargani, CREA - Andrea Lucchi, Università di Pisa


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