PhD XXXIII cycle


Agnese Bellabarba

Thesis:"Into the Wild: how rhizobia compete and survive in the early stages of symbiosis"

Carolina Fabbri

Thesis: "Analysis of agronomic management effects on nitrogen emissions from agricultural soils"

Paola Ganugi

Thesis: "Genetic characterization of Triticum turgidum L. varieties/landraces and evaluation of their microbial affinity"

Marco Nocentini

Thesis: "Relating chemical and physical properties of carbonized organic matter to its function as a peat substitute"

Leonardo Sabbatini

Thesis: "Salt tolerance in Olea europaea"

Gaia Santini

Thesis: "Algal cultures for the production of antifungal compounds and biostimulants"

Andrea Simiani

Thesis: "Polymeric matrix of biocrusts: role in the improvement of soil quality and in the exchange of metabolites among the residing microorganisms"



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