Subjects of XXXVI cycle

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Subjects matters

Research topics with university scholarship

Growth and vitality of deciduous and evergreen tree species under climate change in Mediterranean areas

Food safety and vegetables: proliferation and persistance of human pathogens in vegetable crops at the baby-leaf stage

Physiological and electrophysiological investigations in the plat-insect mutualistic relationship

Use of olive oil polyphenols in ruminant feeding as modulator of rumen fermentation

Use of irrigation and ZeoWine treatment to mitigate climate change in viticulture

Reserch topics with no university scholarship

The response of environmental microbiota to radio frequency electromagnetic fields

Improvement agronomic management of winter wheat, for increasing quality and quantity of yield 

Application of geophysical investigation to the characterization of landslides

Analysis and development of procedures for a multi-scale landslide risk assessment

Use of new drone and ground sensors for the evaluation of soil erosion and surface landslides in hilly environments

Soil fertilization strategies based on agroecological practices in an organic long term experiment


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