PhD XXXVI cycle


Alessandra Benigno

Thesis: "Diagnostics, epidemiology and control of emerging oomycetes and phytopathogenic fungi"

Francesca Alderotti

Thesis: "Growth and vitality of deciduous and evergreen tree species under climate change in Mediterranean areas"

Stefania Truschi

Thesis: "Food safety and vegetables: proliferation and persistance of human pathogens in vegetable crops at the baby-leaf stage"

Tania Macchiavelli

Thesis: "Physiological and electrophysiological investigations in the plat-insect mutualistic relationship"

Federica Scicutella

Thesis: "Use of olive oil polyphenols in ruminant feeding as modulators for ruminal fermentations"

Eleonora Cataldo

Thesis: "Irrigation and ZeoWine treatments to mitigate the effects of climate change in viticulture"

Claudia Di Lonardo

Thesis: "The response of environmental microbiota to radio frequency electromagnetic fields"

Cesare Garosi

Thesis: "Landscape Genomics approaches for an adaptive silviculture applied to beech stands"

Agnese Innocenti

Thesis: "Application of geophysical investigation to the characterization of landslides"

Antonella Marinelli

Thesis: "Analysis and development of procedures for a multi-scale landslide risk assessment"

Lorenzo Paci

Thesis: "Use of new drone and ground sensors for the evaluation of soil erosion and surface landslides in hilly environments"

Margherita Santoni

Thesis: "Soil fertilization strategies based on agroecological practices in an organic long term experiment"


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