Qudratullah Soofizada


Qudatrullah Soofizada
Qudatullah Soofizada
Cycle PhD XXXV
Three years (36 Months), Nov 2019 – Nov 2022
PhD project: "Improvement agronomic management of winter wheat, for increasing quality and quantity of yield"

Agronomy, crop production; tittle of my research project is “Response of bread wheat to nutrient management, environment and as


Simone Orlandini 



Office address

Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell’Ambiente, Università di Firenze, Piazzale delle Cascine 18, 50144, Firenze. 


+39 3474 113013 


I am a wheat agronomist. I studied high school in general, then, I completed my Bachler of Science degree (BSc) at Balkh University in the department of plant science in 2005, Afghanistan. After that,

I worked up to 2009. Next, from Sept 2009 to July 2011 I completed my Master's degree (MSc) at Pannonia University, in the department of crop production, Hungary. So, my interest crop was wheat, and title of my research project was “Influence of nitrogen fertilizer on yield and quality of grain wheat”.

After my graduation, I had been working since Nov 2019 in the various organizations. Lastly, in Nov 2019, I started my Ph.D. program at Florence University, under the school of Agriculture, DAGRI, agronomy department, through AICS/Pfk scholarship.

Working experiences over 15 years in national level: In French Cooperation Organization, work as an extension field officer, in Plant Protection and Quarantine Department work as a general manager of the plant pathology department, in USDA project work as a change management specialist, in USAID project work as a senior agriculture research change management specialist, in EU project work as a senior adviser for Agricultural Research Institute of Afghanistan (ARIA) and lastly, in Ministry of Agriculture work as a director of agriculture adaptive research.     

However, currently, I am working on the common wheat crop (Triticum eastivum L.), title of my research project is " Response of bread wheat to nutrient management, environment and assessing of genotypes ´ environment interaction".

The aim of this Ph.D. study is to investigate the possibility of improving grain yield of wheat genotypes in terms of quantity and quality, by identifying the optimal N and P fertilization level with respect to nutrient use efficiency aspect and understanding the effects of genotypes ´ interactions.

Therefore, the result will certainly be disseminating to the wheat grower formers in order to contribute to stabilizing the wheat production in both countries (Afghanistan and Italy).


Author (papers): 1) Two new rainfed wheat varieties for Afghanistan 2) Introducing of four open-pollinated maize (Zea mayz L.) varieties in Afghanistan climatic zones
Co-author (papers): 1) Three New Maize Hybrids for Afghanistan 2) Genotype ´ Environment interactions in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under Afghanistan environments and identification of high yielding genotypes. 

Conference talks and seminars

  • Land use conference in Pannonia University, Hungary (4-7 Jun 2010).
  • Afghan national wheat and barley conference for years 2017 and 2018, Kabul.
  • Indian national wheat and barley worker conference for two times (2013 and 2015)
  • Third annual extension conference, Kabul (2015)
  • Saffron conference, Kabul(2018)
  • Plant biodiversity congress (ITPGRFA) in FAO headquarter, in Italy, (2017)
  • Plant biodiversity congress (ITPGRFA), in Rewanda, (2018)


  • World Bank Awarded Appreciation Certificate in 2019
  • Afghanistan’s Parliament Awarded Appreciation Certificate 2018
  • ANDHOA’s Appreciation Awarded Certificate 2018
  • ANGO’s Appreciation Awarded Certificate 2017




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