Cassandra Detti


Cassandra Detti
Cassandra Detti
PhD Cycle XXXIV 
PhD project: "New insights on the diversity of resource-use strategies among coexisting Mediterranean shrubs species and possible utilizations of these plants as biofactories"

Research interests: The aim of the PhD project is to investigate Mediterranean wild species that could provide phytocomplexes that can be exploited for nutraceutical and industrial purposes. An objective is to set-up efficient extractive methods from their leaves and fruits, to perform a field-experiment for enhancing their production and to test their potential utilization. Antioxidant activities of the phytocomplexes obtained will be also evaluated. This study will provide important information on the potential utilization of these undervalued species as a source of phytocomplexes in different types of industries 


Francesco Ferrini
Co-supervisor: Antonella Gori 



Office address

Viale delle Idee, n 30 – Sesto fiorentino 50019 


+39 3899846443 


I am Cassandra Detti, I was born on 05-11-1988 in SanSepolcro. I graduated at the University of Florence where I obtained a Master’s degree in Agriculture science and technologies. After  the Master I worked in a fertilizer company as a Technical Support USA e EMEA. I am currently a PhD candidate in Agriculture and Environmental science at the University Of Florence. 



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