Dalila Pasquini


Dalila Pasquini
Dalila Pasquini
PhD Cycle XXXIV 
PhD project: "The effects at ecosystem level of recurrent environmental stresses in Mediterranean Climate regions"

My main research activities focus on environmental stresses in Mediterranean climate regions. In particular I study the variations of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) emitted by stressed woody plants in natural environments and identifying them with GC-MS. 


main-supervisor: Francesco Ferrini
co-supervisor: Dot.ssa Cecilia Brunetti 



Office address

Viale delle idee, 30, Sesto Fiorentino 50019 


+39 055 2754058 


I was born in Montevarchi in 1991. In 2015 I graduated a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences (Thesis title: Role and dynamics of organic matter facing climate change - 110/110 cum laude) from the University of Florence.

Furthermore, in 2018 I obtained a Master’s degree in Agricultura Sciences and Technologies (Thesis title: GC-MS analysis of microbial PLFA, in agricultural soils subjected to different management system - 110/110 cum laude) from the same university.

During my Master’s I worked as student counsellor for the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences students.

Additionally, both during and after my  Master’s degree I worked as a volunteer at the Laboratory of Chromatography and Spectrometry at CNR, Sesto Fiorentino.

In 2018 I began my PhD at University of Florence and during my second year of candidature I carried out an international research experience in Australia, working  3 months at Monash University (Melbourne - Victoria) and 4 months at University of Tasmania (Hobart - Tasmania).

At the end of 2019 I was appointed didactic tutor at Faculty of Agriculture, serving as assistant to Math’s professors 


Fondazione Carlo e Giulio Marchi 2016 




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