Maria Chiara Fabbri


Maria Chiara Fabbri
Maria Chiara Fabbri
PhD Cycle XXXIV  
PhD project:"Genome wide search for signatures of selection in beef cattle breeds"

Research interests: Local cattle’s genomic and genetic diversity are my research interests. The PhD project title is Conservation status, genetic diversity and selection signatures of Italian autochthonous beef breeds utilizing pedigree and genomic information


Riccardo Bozzi 



Office address

Via delle Cascine n.5, Firenze 




I hold the master’s degree in Animal Biotechnology at the University of Bologna in 2017 (110/110 cum laude). After graduating, I worked one year at the Department of Agricultural and food sciences (DISTAL), University of Bologna. Currently, I am doing the PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences focusing on genomic and genetic data analysis. 


Fabbri, M.C., Dadousis, C., Biffani, S., Bozzi, R., 2020. Estimation of Linkage Disequilibrium and Effective Population Size in three Italian Autochthonous Beef Breeds. Anim. Open Access J. MDPI. Under review.

Christos Dadousis, C., Cecchi, F., Ablondi, M., Fabbri, M.C., Stella, A., Bozzi, R., 2020. Keep Garfagnina alive. An integrated study on patterns of homozygosity, genomic inbreeding, admixture and breed traceability of the Italian Garfagnina goat breed. Plos One. Under review.

Fabbri, M.C., Davoli, R., Zappaterra, M., Zambonelli. P., 2020. Genome-wide association study identifies markers associated with carcass and meat quality traits in Italian Large White pigs. Anim. Genet. Under review

Fabbri, M.C., Gonçalves de Rezende, M.P., Dadousis, C., Biffani, S., Negrini, R., Souza Carneiro, P.L., Bozzi, R., 2019. Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of Italian Beef Breeds as a Tool for Planning Conservation and Selection Strategies. Anim. Open Access J. MDPI 9. 

Conference talks and seminars

Member of the Organizing committee of the X International Symposium of Mediterranean Pig, October 2019, Florence, Italy.

Oral presentation in the 23° Congress of Animal Science and Production Association – ASPA, June 2019, Sorrento, Italy. 


Vincitrice del bando FAI 2020, University of Florence
Premio per studenti meritevoli, University of Bologna 




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