Riccardo Rossi


Riccardo Rossi
Riccardo Rossi
PhD Cycle XXXIV  
PhD project:"Implementation of a simplified and low-cost phenotyping platform for crop monitoring"

Research interests: My master's thesis was based on assessing the performances of remote sensing systems (drone and satellite) for crop monitoring and yield prediction in grapevine and potato crop. Currently, I’m involved in additional projects with my research group mainly based on the use of remote and proximal sensing technologies for the early detection of disease on grapevine and wheat and for monitoring nitrogen uptake of wheat plants in open field.

The main aim of my PhD is the implementation of an automatic and low-cost phenotyping platform for monitoring the crop responses to different environmental stresses. 


Marco Bindi 



Office address

Piazzale delle Cascine 18, 50144 Firenze (Italy) 


Mobile phone: +39 3495538377; Office phone: +39 055 2755742 


I am Riccardo Rossi. I was born on 17/12/1993 in Montevarchi (AR). I graduated at the University of Florence where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences in 2016 and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies in 2018 (110 cum laude/110).

I attended the “Erasmus + Geonatura Project - Open educational resources platform for geomatics applications to social and environmental issues” at the University of Glasgow-Scotland, Glasgow (United Kingdom) and the “INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL Agmnet+” in “Agrometeorology and crop modelling” – “SERBIA FOR EXCELL” Project at the University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad (Serbia). 


Rossi, R., Leolini, C., Costafreda-Aumedes, S., Leolini, L., Bindi, M., Zaldei, A., Moriondo, M. (2020) Performances evaluation of a low-cost platform for high-resolution plant phenotyping, Sensors (Pending major revisions) 

Conference talks and seminars

  • “Assessing the performances of remote sensing systems for crop monitoring and yield prediction in grapevine”. Presented at the “International Workshop on Multidisciplinary studies for sustainable agriculture”, Pisa (Italy), 20th of November 2019
  • “3D reconstruction and segmentation of plants under different levels of water stress conditions for the evaluation of phenotypic resistance traits”. Presented at the “Maker Faire 2019” event, Roma (Italy), 18th – 20th of October 2019
  • “Low-cost and automatic phenotyping platform for identifying plant resistance traits”. Poster presented at the “LXIII Italian Society Of Agricultural Genetics Annual Congress”, Napoli (Italy), 10th to 13th of September 2019
  • “PRESeT: Evaluation of the crop Phenotypic RESistance Traits under limited environmental conditions”. Presented at the “CLIM4VITIS” project meeting, Firenze (Italy), 11th of July 2019
  • “Agricoltura di precisione e remote sensing: valutazione dell’affidabilità di tecniche a differente scala spaziale per il monitoraggio di colture perenni (Vitis vinifera L.) e di pieno campo (Solanum tuberosum L.)”. Presented at the “2019 AIAM Annual Conference”, Napoli (Italy), 13th of June 2019
  • “Valutazione dei tratti fenotipici di resistenza di colture sottoposte a condizioni di stress idrico”. Presented at the “Smart Plants” conference, Matera (Italy), 18th of May 2019


  • Won the “AIAM 2019 best thesis in agrometeorology”
  • Won the “University of Florence Degree Award” in the context of the “L'Orientamento nella progressione di carriera” project for the best thesis of the “Sustainable management of the agroecosystem” study course




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