XXXIII cycle

Research topics of the  XXXIII cycle

Research topics with university scholarship

Salt tolerance in Olea europaea L.

Analysis of Agronomic Management effects on nitrogen emissions from agricultural soils.

Polymeric matrix of biocrusts: role in the improvement of soil quality and in the exchange of metabolites among residing microorganisms

Algal cultures for the production of antifungal compounds and biostimulants

Into the Wild: how rhizobia compete and survive in the early stages of symbiosis

Relating chemical and physical properties of carbonized organic matter to its function as a peat substitute

Germoplam characterization of Tuscany’s Triticum species in relation to the main fungal pathogens with a special focuss on mycotossic species

Reserch topics with no university scholarship

Agroecology and Biodiversity for Rural Development and the Protection of Environmental Health


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