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XXXIII cycle

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Research topics of the  XXXIII cycle


Research topics with university scholarship

  • Salt tolerance in Olea europaea L.

  • Analysis of Agronomic Management effects on nitrogen emissions from agricultural soils.

  • Polymeric matrix of biocrusts: role in the improvement of soil quality and in the exchange of metabolites among residing microorganisms

  • Algal cultures for the production of antifungal compounds and biostimulants

  • Into the Wild: how rhizobia compete and survive in the early stages of symbiosis

  • Relating chemical and physical properties of carbonized organic matter to its function as a peat substitute

  • Germoplam characterization of Tuscany’s Triticum species in relation to the main fungal pathogens with a special focuss on mycotossic species



Reserch topics with no university scholarship

  • Agroecology and Biodiversity for Rural Development and the Protection of Environmental Health


last update: 19-May-2020
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