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XXXV cycle

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Subjects matters


Research topics with university scholarship

cianobatteri "Molecular mechanisms involved in exopolymers secretion in biocrust forming cyanobacteria and their response to desiccation stress"
acquacultura "Lipid carry-over in an experimental insect based aquaculture supply chain"
erbacee "Responses of Mediterranean understory vegetation to climate warming: assessing the role of microclimate on forest seed-bank and plant traits across Europe"
aromatiche "Aromatic plants of the Tuscan archipelago : chmical characterization and agronomic performance for conservation strategies and adaptation to climate change"
bovini "Precision LIVESTOCK farming per la gestione degli allevamenti al pascolo dei bovini da carne"
pascoli "Study of the impacts of climate change on Alpine pastoral resources in order to identify possible adaptation strategies"

Research topics without  scholarship

xylella "Bioecology and ethology of Auchenorryncha potential vectors of Xylella fastidiosa"

Reserch topics with no university scholarship

fitopatologia "Development of techniques and technologies for the recognition of the phytosanitary condition of herbaceous and arboreal crops"
frumento "Improvement agronomic management of winter wheat, for increasing quality and quantity of yield"
last update: 22-May-2020
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