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Submission procedure and evaluation of tutoring proposals for university scholarships

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Submission procedure and evaluation of tutoring proposals for university scholarships

The main points  are:

  1. DAGRI professor, also external to the Teaching Board, propose the research topics, suitably documented and supported by the availability of adequate resources (instrumental, financial, etc.). The Board, through a specific Commission appointed by it, evaluates the research proposals based on their quality, feasibility and innovation and draws up the merit ranking, which will be followed for the allocation of places with scholarship and without scholarship.
  2. Also following a recent note from the Rector's Delegate to the Doctorate, it is clarified that the RTDs and all the teachers who cannot guarantee coverage of the entire three-year cycle (for example, due to retirement) will not be able to submit proposals.
  3. The tutors of PhD students who use a University scholarship (and / or a Youth Fund Scholarship) in the two courses preceding the call in question (in the case of XXXIII and XXXIV), cannot apply for the XXXV cycle, so as to guarantee the alternation.
  4. It will be possible to present only one proposal for places with scholarship. Based on the decision to operate on a single ranking, additional proposals may be submitted with the clarification that these are requests for places without scholarship.
  5. The contents of points "3" and "4" above may not be considered in the absence of a sufficient number of proposals from the members of the Department.
    To this end, interested parties are requested to fill in the appropriate form providing the requested information and to send it by January 31st (please respect the deadlines to allow the conclusion of the procedure within the expected times, linked to the opening of the notice).

Interested teachers can fill in the appropriate form directly from the doctoral website (...............) which will be available from January 8 to January 31, 2020 


Additional information

The proposals  evaluation is  done by  a Commission appointed by the Teaching Board. The Commision members are  the coordinator, unless he has submitted a scholarship request, and by the tutors of the University scholarships of the previous doctoral cycle (XXXVI cycle).

The tutors of the second previous cycle (XXXIII) are considered as supplementary members and, if necessary, are summoned on the basis of their skills with respect to the themes of the proposals to be evaluated. For the scientific evaluation of the proposals that are absolutely not attributable to the competences of the commission, the coordinator can ask for the opinion of a competent external auditor.

The proposals are assessed on the basis of the scientific qualification of the tutor , the scientific quality of the proposal, the feasibility, the availability of adequate budget for the research activityof the Ph.D. student.

In the evaluation of the tutor  are also considered:

  • The tutor's evaluations by his / her previous PhD students
  • Respect for the types of doctorate (co-tutorship, European) declares the entire act of submitting any previous applications for the award of University scholarships
  • The carrying out of at least three months of internships abroad of any previous doctoral students
  • The production by any previous doctoral students of at least one printed job in the extendable three-year period, a discretion of the commission, until the end of the doctorate for a justified reason.

In the event of a negative opinion by the PhD students and / or non-compliance with the other items, a penalty is applied to the evaluation of the proposal.

Talks will also be possible at the discretion of the commission.

The proposal form is completed online on the doctoral website.

The average of the evaluations represents the score of each proposal, on which the ranking is made. At the end of the proposals evaluation, the Commission draws up the final ranking of the proposals, which is made public.


last update: 28-May-2020
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