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Teaching activity XXXVI cycle - ay 2020 - 2021

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Teaching activity

The didactic activity of the Doctorate consists of a total of 33,5 CFU of lessons (1 CFU = 8 hours of lessons) and is scheduled in: 18,5 CFUs divided into 8 basic courses, 6 CFUs selected from the complementary skills of the 'University and 1 CFU selected from the internal seminars.

This activity must be completed in the first year of the Doctorate. The teaching activity is completed by free choice 8 credits deriving from university courses, university complementary skills, seminars, conferences, congresses and workshops. This activity should be completed within the second year of the Doctorate.


Teaching activity: Scheduled courses

*Federico Mattia Stefanini, Riccardo Bozzi, Luisa Ghelardini curse: Programming and manipulation of data in R (3 CFU)

Riccardo Bozzi, Stefano Biffani corso obligatorio: Data Analysis with R + RStudio (3 CFU)

Stefano Biricolti  compulsory curse: Biological risk safety  (1 CFU)

Giovanni Mastrolonardo, Ph.D. Shamina Pathan   compulsory course: Critical analysis, drafting and revision of a scientific article (1 CFU)

Cristina Vettori compulsory curse: Criteria for the drafting of a reserach project  (2 CFU)

Elena Paoletti  compulsory curse: The concept of principal investigator (1 CFU)

*Federico Mattia Stefanini  curse:   Computational statistics (3 CFU)

Jessica Ann Thon  compulsory curse: English (5 CFU)

Tessa Pazzini e Federico Rotini (U.F. Brevetti e Spinof) compulsory course: Elements of intellectual property (2,5 CFU)

Internal seminars free choise but compulspry (1 CFU)

Free choice between Athenaeum Soft and Complementary Skills  (6 CFU)

Free choice educational activity  (8 CFU)

* Mandatory to attend at least one of the two courses




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