Annalisa Andreani


Annalisa Andreani
Annalisa Andreani
Cycle PhD XXXIV 
PhD project: "Bioecological and morphological studies of Hippoboscid flies of genus Lipoptena, ectoparasites of wild ungulates, with special reference to L. fortisetosa, a new record for Italy"

My PhD focuses on the study of ectoparasites belonging to the Hippoboscidae family (Diptera) infesting Ungulates. In particular, the research aims at investigating the morphology they evolved during the adaptation process, and the relationship they established with their hosts, including the host location. Another important purpose is the research in these flies of pathogens potentially harmful for the human health. 


Antonio Belcari 



Office address

Via Maragliano, 77 - 50144 Florence (Italy) 


348 0175634 


In 2017 Annalisa Andreani holds a Master’s degree in Wildlife Sciences and Management at the University of Florence. After graduating, she obtained the authorization to practice as an agronomist and a forester. She is now enrolled in a PhD program in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DAGRI), and she spent a period in the United States collaborating with the University of Florida. 


Andreani, A., Sacchetti, P., Belcari, A. (2020) Evolutionary adaptations in four hippoboscid fly species belonging to three different subfamilies. Medical and Veterinary Entomology.

Andreani, A., Sacchetti, P., Belcari, A. Keds, louse flies and bat flies (Hippoboscidae, Nycteribiidae and Streblidae). In: Elsevier (ed). Encyclopedia of Infection and Immunity. In press.

Andreani, A., Sacchetti, P., Belcari, A. (2019) Comparative morphology of the deer ked Lipoptena fortisetosa first recorded from Italy. Medical and Veterinary Entomology 33(1): 140-153. 

Conference talks and seminars

Andreani A., Sacchetti P., Ponzetta M.P., Rosi M.C., Belcari A. (2019). Studies on the ectoparasitic flies of Genus Lipoptena in Central Italy: the case of an adventive species, Lipoptena fortisetosa (Diptera: Hippoboscidae). In: 11th International Symposium on Wild Fauna, Viterbo (Italy), September 25 – 28, 2019, pp. 104, ISBN: 9788897537038. Oral communication.

Andreani A., Belcari A., Sacchetti P. (2018). Study of Diptera Hippoboscidae of the genus Lipoptena, parasites of ungulates, and morphological and bioecological investigations on L. fortisetosa, a new species for Italy. In: European PhD Network "Insect Science" - IX Annual Meeting, November 14-16, 2018, Scuola di Agraria – University of Florence. Oral communication.

Andreani A., Belcari A., Sacchetti P., Ponzetta M.P., (2017). A new parasite of Ungulates Italy: L. fortisetosa (Diptera: Hippoboscidae). In: IV Congresso Nazionale di Ecopatologia della Fauna, Domodossola, 11-13 ottobre 2017, S.I.E.F. - Società Italiana di Ecopatologia della Fauna, pp. 36-36, ISBN:9788894297300. Poster




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