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Teaching activity XXXVII cycle - ay 2021 - 2022

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Teaching activity

The didactic activity of the Doctorate consists of a total of 33 CFU of lessons (1 CFU = 8 hours of lessons) and is scheduled in: 18 CFUs divided into 8 basic courses, 6 CFUs selected from the complementary skills of the 'University and 1 CFU selected from the internal seminars.

This activity must be completed in the first year of the Doctorate. The teaching activity is completed by free choice 6 credits deriving from university courses, university complementary skills, seminars, conferences, congresses and workshops. This activity should be completed within the second year of the Doctorate.


Teaching activity: Scheduled courses

First year

Francesco Tiezzi i, Stefano Biffani compulsory curse: Statistics and data manipulation in R- basic knowledge  (5 CFU)

Stefano Biricolti  compulsory curse: Biological risk safety  (1 CFU)

Giovanni Mastrolonardo, Ph.D. Shamina Pathan   compulsory course: Critical analysis, drafting and revision of a scientific article (1 CFU)

Shamina Pathan i compulsory curse: Criteria for the drafting of a reserach project  (2 CFU)

Shamina Pathan  compulsory curse: The concept of principal investigator (1 CFU)

Jessica Ann Thon  compulsory curse: English (5 CFU)

Tessa Pazzini e Federico Rotini (U.F. Brevetti e Spinof) compulsory course: Elements of intellectual property (2 CFU)

Internal seminars free choise but compulspry (1 CFU)

Free choice between Athenaeum Soft and Complementary Skills  (6 CFU)


Second year

Luisa Ghelardini compulsory course Programming and manipulation R: applicative aspects (3 CFU)

Free choice educational activity  (6 CFU)



last update: 14-Jan-2022
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