Compulsory Course descriptions XXXVII cycle - ay 2021 - 2022


Statistics and data manipulation in R- basic knowledge (3CFU)

Teachers: dr. Francesco Tiezzi Mazzoni dalla Stella Maestra e Dr. Stefano Biffani 

The didactic program of the course takes place over 5 consecutive full time days.

The topics covered in the various days are:

Day 1

 RStudio projects: their use  (2h)

Importing and exporting  data in R (data formatting and troubleshooting)  (2h)

Data handling, part 1 (4h):

  • Filtering and subsetting (filter)
  • Sorting records (arrange)
  • Variable selection (select)
  • Variable definition (mutate, ifelse, case_when)

Day 2

Data handling, part 2 (4h)

  • Summarizing data (summarise) by variable (group_by)
  • Transposing data (pivot_longer, pivot_wider)
  • Date format handling (lubridate,
  • Binding data.frames (merge, join)

Data visualization and graphics (ggplot) (4h)

Day 3

Descriptive statistics and linear regression (mean, sd, t.test, regression) (8h)

Day 4

Reporting in R (Rmarkdown) (8h)

Day 5

Review of the course topics, real life examples as shared by the students (6h)

Final test (2h)



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