PhD XXXVII cycle


Lorenzo Bini
Thesis: "Effects of treatments with treated waste water on plants raised in cultivation systems in the absence of soil and in controlled conditions” (CB)

Tutor: Stefano Biricolti


Matilde Ciani
Thesis: "Heavy metal bioremoval and biorecovery using exopolysaccharide-producing cyanobacteria” (CB)

Tutor: Roberto De Philippis

Reviewers: Natascia Biondi, Laura Bruno 

Paolo Capano
Thesis: "Microalgae cultivated in wastewaters and their application as biostimulants in agriculture” (SB)

Tutor: Liliana Rodolfi


Dario Gaudioso
Thesis: "Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens: an integrated multidisciplinary approach as a model for the control of neglected EU quarantine bacterial plant pathogens” (CB)

Tutor: Stefania Tegli


Jacopo Manzini
Thesis: "Assessment of ornamental tree species ability to remove atmospheric pollutants and mitigate climate change in urban environments" (CB)

Tutor: Francesco Nicese


Lucrezia Muti
Thesis: "Exploitation of Mediterranean spontaneous plants for pharmacological and nutraceutical purposes: traditional species for new health needs” (CB)

Tutor: Francesco Ferrini


Pastacaldi Chiara
Thesis: "Synergistic integration of eco-sustainable strategies and technologies for the innovative defense of plant health (INCIPIT)” (CB)

Tutor: Stefania Tegli


Sara Pennacchio
Thesis: "Study of microorganisms for the degradation of PLA (polylactic acid) blend bioplastics" (CB)

Tutor: Carlo Viti


Antonio Pescatore
Thesis: "Role of multiple cropping in the conservation of soil fertility and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions” (CB)

Tutor:  Simone Orlandini


Alessandro Puca
Thesis: ”Wood degradation mechanisms as a key factor in foliar symptoms development in Esca-complex diseases of grapevine” (CB)

Tutor:  Laura Mugnai

Reviewers: Hanns-Heinz Kassemeyer, Luisa Ghelardini


Bianca Rompato
Thesis: "Studying and designing urban soils to optimize their ecosystem services in "smart cities (CB)

Tutor: Giacomo Certini

Reviewers: Francesco FerriniGiulio Castelli

Maria Vittoria Tignani
Thesis:"Insect flours and oils as “green” ingredients to increase resilience and sustainability in animal husbandry and aquaculture” (CB)

Tutor: Giuliana Parisi


Unab Begun
Thesis: “In-season assessment of crop yields: combining crop models and seasonal forecasts” (CB)




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