Adja Cristina Lira De Medeiros


Adja Cristina Lira De Medeiros
Adja Cristina Lira De Medeiros
PhD cycle XXXIX
PhD project: “Impact of microplastics on ruminal microbial metabolism using an in vitro study.” 


Arianna Buccioni


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Via delle Cascine, 5, 50144 Firenze

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Main Papers

  • Medeiros, A. C. L., Borges, K. C., Correia, R. T. P. (2008). Perfil de acidificación durante la producción de yogur bovino, bubalino y caprino. Tecnología Láctea Latinoamericana, n. 53.
  • Borges, K. C., Medeiros, A. C. L., Correia, R. T. P. (2009). Iogurte de leite de búfala com calda de umbu. Higiene Alimentar, v. 23, p. 89-94.
  • Borges, K. C., Medeiros, A. C. L., Correia, R. T. P. (2009). Iogurte de leite de búfala sabor cajá (Spondias lutea L.): caracterização físico-química e aceitação sensorial entre indivíduos de 11 a 16 anos. Alimentos e Nutrição (UNESP. Marilia), v. 20, p. 295-300.
  • Borges, K. C., Medeiros, A. C. L., Correia, R. T. P. (2009). Aspectos produtivos, nutricionais e tecnológicos do leite bubalino. Leite & Derivados, v. 18, p. 104-111.
  • Medeiros, A. C. L., Thomazini, M., Correia, R. T. P, Urbano, A., Favaro-Trindade, C. S. (2014). Structural characterisation and cell viability of a spray dried probiotic yoghurt produced with goats’ milk and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (BI-07). International Dairy Journal, v. 39, p. 71-77.
  • Medeiros, A. C. L., Souza, F. D. S., Correia, R. T. P. (2015). Effect of incubation temperature, heat treatment and milk source on the yoghurt kinetic acidification. International Food Research Journal, v. 22, p. 1030.
  • Medeiros, A. C. L., Segura, J. G., Oliveira, K. R. B., Sussel, F. R., Oliveira, R. H. F., Viegas, E. M. M. (2017). Growth performance and chemical composition of pacus (Piaractus mesopotamicus) fed with vegetable oil sources and alpha-lipoic acid. Boletim do Instituto de Pesca (online), v. 43, p. 74-84.
  • Segura, J.G., Campanharo, J. C., Oliveira, K. R. B., Natori, M. M., Medeiros, A. C. L., Viegas, E. M. M. (2017). Relação 18:3n3/18:2n6 sobre a digestibilidade de ácidos graxos em pacu. Boletim do Instituto de Pesca (online), v. 43, p. 222-230.
  • Oliveira, K. R., Segura, J. G., Oliveira, B. A., Medeiros, A. C. L., Zimba, R. D., Viegas, E. M. (2020). Distillers' dried grains with soluble in diets for Pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus juveniles: Growth performance, feed utilization, economic viability, and phosphorus release. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 262, 114393.
  • Concollato, A., Secci, G., Dalle Zotte, A., Vargas, S. C., Olsen, R.E., Medeiros, A. C. L., Parisi, G. (2020). Effects of stunning methods on pre rigor changes in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared at two different temperatures. Italian Journal of Animal Science, v. 19, n. 1, p. 477-486.
  • Bruni, L., Secci, G., Husein, Y., Faccenda, F., Medeiros, A. C. L., Parisi, G. (2021). Is it possible to cut down fishmeal and soybean meal use in aquafeed limiting the negative effects on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillet quality and consumer acceptance? Aquaculture, 736996.
  • Arena, R., Medeiros, A. C. L., Secci, G., Mancini, S., Manuguerra, S., Bovera, F., ... & Piccolo, G. (2022). Effects of dietary supplementation with honeybee pollen and its supercritical fluid extract on immune response and fillet’s quality of farmed gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata). Animals, 12(6), 675.
  • Secci, G., Dabbou, S., Medeiros, A. C. L., Addeo, N. F., Atallah, E., Parisi, G., ... & Bovera, F. (2022). Low dietary inclusion levels of Tenebrio molitor larva meal slightly modify growth performance, carcass and meat traits of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.
  • Pulcini, D., Pulido‐Rodríguez, L. F., Medeiros, A. C. L., Faccenda, F., Martini, A., Martinoli, M., Tonachella, N., Secci, G., Parisi, G. (2023). Effect of different stunning methods on rigor mortis, shape, energetic status and physical characteristics of Salmo carpio fillets. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 103(4), 2037-2046.
  • Secci, G., Capperucci, A., de Medeiros, A. C. L., Pellicciari, L., Tanini, D., Parisi, G. (2023). Effects of Two Amphiphilic Diesters of L-Ascorbic Acid on the Oxidative Stability of Rabbit Meatballs. Chemistry, 5(2), 778-788.
  • Conti, F., Zarantoniello, M., Antonucci, M., Cattaneo, N., Rattin, M., De Russi, G., Secci, G., Lucon-Xiccato, T., Medeiros, A. C. L., Olivotto, I. (2023). The Application of Synthetic Flavors in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Rearing with Emphasis on Attractive Ones: Effects on Fish Development, Welfare, and Appetite. Animals, 13(21), 3368.

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