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Topics selected for the cycle

Purple non sulfur bacteria: ideal microbial cell factories for biotransformation of agro-industrial wastes into high added value molecules

Role of the exopolysaccharide levan in the life cycle of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae biovar 3, a phytopathogenic member of the bacterial community of Pseudomonas sp. associated with kiwifruit

Genomic evaluations and mating plans aimed at increasing beef cattle profitability and resilience

From land to water: circularity for the development of a zero-waste food supply chain (FLAWA)

Interactive effects of global warming and management on plant biodiversity and microclimate of Mediterranean forests

Study of circular agro-ecology practices at farm and territorial level for the enhancement of organic residues from coffee processing, home separate collection and vine pruning

Crop productivity and sustainability of agro-photovoltaic systems in response to climate change

Improving welfare in Italian Holstein Friesian and Jersey implementing selection on cow longevity

last update: 24-Oct-2022
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