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Dottorato in Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali

Final exam PhD XXXII cycle

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Final exam for the achievement of the Italian qualification - 28 February 2020 Aula Magna

Chiara Aglietti, Silvia Calamai, Alessandra Zombardo, Jorge Alvar

Chiara Aglietti

Paolo Capretti

"Development of diagnostics techniques for studying quarantine plant pathogens"
presentazione esame finale

Silvia Calamai

Stefania Tegli

"Complementary researches and biotechnological innovative approaches towards the environmentaly-friendly control of bacterial disease of plants "
presentazione esame finale

Giovanni Iacopetti

Filippo Bussotti

"Tree diversity and forest functionality: an integrated analysis of national databases and field surveys"

Alessandra Zombardo

Giovan Battista Mattii

" Study of rootstock-scion interactoins in grapevine"
presentazione esame finale

Jorge Alvar

Simone Orlandini

"Climate resilient crops in hot spot regions of climate change the case of Quinoa in Burkina Faso"
presentazione esame finale


Final exam title of Doctor Europaeus -  13 March 2020 Aula Magna

Leonardo Bruni

Giuliana Parisi

"Innovative protein sources in feed for salmonids: Effects on lipid metabolism, gut microbiota and fillet quality"

Francesca Tozzi

Edgardo Giordani

"Investigation of the suitability of marine remediated sediments as growing media for food crops"



Final exam title of Doctor Europaeus – settembre  2020 Aula Magna

Giovanni Iacopetti

Filippo Bussotti

"Diversità arborea e funzionalità delle foreste: un'analisi integrata di database nazionali e indagini di campo”


Final exam for the achievement of the Italian qualification  – 8 november 2021




Thesis evaluation

Eugenio La Cava      

Roberto De Philippis

"Generation of biocomposed by microbial catalysts fed by CO2 and electrons, with potential for the production of biofuel and compounds of pharmaceutical, food and industrial interest”

excelent with laude


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